Monday, May 4, 2009

Back on-line ... and continuing the job hunt!

Ahhh .... after nearly a month of no e-mail/internet access from our little island, we are finally back on-line! Wow. It's been rough having no access to the outside world. Jason actually did the 8 hour roundtrip boat ride into Koror a week an a half ago just so he could check our e-mail accounts. I like remote living, but this has been a little too remote for me :).

On the job front ... the offers we'd received from the school in Honduras got pulled off the table about a day after they'd been offered. Sort of tacky, but we figure that is just not where we were supposed to be. So, the hunt continues. We appreciate your prayers for us in this area.

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Will said...

Yay you guys have updates again! GL w/ the job hunt! =)